In this fresh take on a familiar paradigm, a sensitive teen inherits a well-kept family secret touching on Sweden’s role in World War II that’s profoundly affected her family. Insightful and compassionate storytelling.
— Kirkus Reviews

It all starts with a mysterious phone call from Louisa’s decorative antique phone. And that wouldn’t be so strange, except that the phone is unplugged, and has been for years. Frightened by the call and its message—and questioning her own sanity— Louisa listens as a somehow-familiar voice describes a lost family secret about Louisa’s grandfather and his daring involvement in resisting the Nazi scourge in his native Sweden during World War II. Piecing together each clue she can find, Louisa begins to see how her grandfather’s guilt and shame continues to haunt her own father, and the rest of her family.

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Meet Jessica

After her first YA novel, The Number 7, was published in 2014, Jessica Lidh traded in her suburban lifestyle for a rural one, uprooting her family from the outskirts of Washington D.C., to the mountains of Western North Carolina. There, she's immersed herself in the sounds and sights of Appalachia. When she's not working on her second YA novel or running after her three young children, you can find her walking through the woods, baking Swedish cinnamon rolls, or pulling weeds in the garden. 

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